The BJP president dismissed questions on whether he could emerge as a consensus candidate for NDA allies in a post poll scenari

While claiming that the BJP-led NDA is moving towards a clear majority with more than 300 seats in the Lok Sabha polls, BJP president Rajnath Singh clarified on Thursday that Narendra Modi will remain their prime ministerial candidate even in a post-poll scenario.

Mr. Singh dismissed questions on whether he could emerge as a consensus candidate for NDA allies in a post poll scenario. “In any circumstances, only Mr Modi will be our prime minister. We have projected him as our PM candidate so only he has the moral authority to occupy the post,” he said at a press conference in the city.

Mr Singh also clarified that the BJP’s alliance with the Shiv Sena remained strong and would continue for the state assembly elections in October. “We were with the Shiv Sena, we are with them and will remain with them,” he said. He claimed the NDA would win not just the Lok Sabha polls but also the Maharashtra elections in October.

He also denied any tacit understanding between the BJP and Raj Thackeray’s party, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) ahead of the polls. Their equation has been under the scanner after party leader Nitin Gadkari had approached the MNS asking it not to contest the polls and support Mr Modi. These overtures had upset the Shiv Sena, which is the political rival of the MNS.

At a recent rally, Raj Thackeray said he was ready to support the NDA from the outside. When asked whether the NDA would accept his support, Mr Singh merely said, “Let the election happen.”

Mr Singh had made an indirect dig at Raj Thackeray at a rally saying those who want to support the NDA should join it instead. In response Mr Thackeray had shot back, “Who is Rajnath Singh? I only support Narendra Modi.” When asked to respond to this barb, Mr Singh said, “He is not from my party. He can say anything. I don’t have to respond to it.”

Mr Singh side-stepped questions on senior BJP leader Gopinath Munde seeking support from the MNS for his electoral battle in Beed. “The MNS is not contesting from there,” Mr Singh said.

Attacking the Congress, Mr Singh said it was the most communal party in the country. “Most communal riots happened in Congress rule. Even in Gujarat prior to 2002 there were riots. In Assam there were riots in the Congress regime and who can forget the anti-Sikh riots of 1984?’ he asked.

He said the Congress had become desperate and it was reflecting in its statements against the BJP. “How can the Congress claim we have spent Rs 10,000 crores in this election. We have not appointed anyone from the Congress as an auditor,” he said.

Mr Singh also referred to the book written by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s former media advisor Sanjaya Baru. “It confirms what we have said. That the Congress president Sonia Gandhi enjoyed power without responsibility,” said Mr Singh.