Even as the Ahmedabad Collector refused to stay the revenue officer’s notice for the demolition of unauthorised structures on the land encroached upon by the Asaram Bapu ashram, yet another police complaint about a missing person was filed against the ashram authorities on Saturday.

The police said, the relatives of one Krishna Prasad Sahu, who hailed from Kolkata, filed a complaint with the Sabarmati police after the person was found “missing” for the last one month or so. A group of seven people of Sahu’s relatives while on their way from Kolkata to Dwarka, stayed for a night at the Asaram Bapu’s hermitage. During the night one of the relatives who woke up found Krishna Prasad “missing.”

The relatives searched the area and returned to Kolkata hoping he would return. But when he failed to turn up for a month or so, they came back to Ahmedabad to file a police complaint.