An internal investigation is on by a nuclear experts' team in Kaiga in Uttara Kannada district, after at least 50 people working in the nuclear power plant were treated for excessive radiation exposure after drinking water mixed with tritium, a highly radioactive substance.

The team in Kaiga is probing last week's incident in which 45-50 employees working in the first maintenance unit of the plant were treated for increasing level of tritium, also known as Hydrogen-3, after they drank water from a water cooler in the operating area on November 24.

Uttara Kannada district Superintendent of Police Raman Gupta told PTI that police have offered their assistance in the investigation.

"We are taking it seriously as public interest is involved. We are waiting for the nod of Kaiga authorities for investigation", Mr. Gupta said.

Authorities of the Kaiga plant, a high security area, have told police that an internal investigation is on. The contents of the water in the cooler are being investigated.

The employees were treated for increasing level of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, in their bodies, official sources said. Tritium is used in research, fusion reactors and neutron generators.

Meanwhile, Uttara Kannada district Commissioner Channappa Gouda said the affected employees are recovering.

He said there was no radiation leakage in the plant.

The experts' team is investigating on how the water in the cooler contained nuclear radiation.

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