The Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, has called upon Muslims and the Ulema of various schools of thought to rise above their sectarian ideologies of ‘Taqleed' (blind following of a particular school of thought.) They should promote the teachings of the noble Koran and the authentic sayings of the Holy Prophet.

In a statement here, he said the procedure for ‘talaq' (divorce) was given in detail in the Koran. It could not be taken lightly either by the married couple or while issuing fatwa by the Ulema. Any fatwa issued was only an opinion and not the final verdict. There was no triple talaq at one go in Islam, he said.

If there was any conflict between the Koran and fatwa, the Koran had to be strictly obeyed, according to the authentic sayings (Hadidth) of the Prophet Muhammad.

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