The station director of the Kaiga Atomic Power Station, J.P. Gupta, has denied that there was a security lapse on the part of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) at Kaiga.

He said different government agencies were investigating the case of contamination of the drinking water by tritium in Unit 1.

The NPCIL intelligence wing has interrogated 50 workers, including contract labour. Asked whether the police were informed soon after the incident came to light, Mr. Gupta said the NPCIL had “informed” the police.

(Later, Raman Gupta, Superintendent of Police, Uttar Kannada, told The Hindu that though it was not a time for controversies, despite repeated requests by police orally and in writing to the NPCIL authorities to file a complaint, it was not done). However, on Monday, the NPCIL filed a formal request in Mallapur for a police enquiry.

Asked if Bangladeshi workers hired by local contractors had a role, J. Mitra, NPCIL officer, said no such worker was allowed near the high security zone. But Mr. Gupta said some workers were engaged on a contract basis and the security personnel in the plant kept vigil on them and did not allow them to go near sensitive equipment.

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