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Updated: February 27, 2012 12:39 IST

No looking back for Gujarat, says Modi

Manas Dasgupta
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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. File photo: Rajeev Bhatt
The Hindu Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. File photo: Rajeev Bhatt

Says Gujarat-bashers cannot disrupt peace in the State

On the eve of a decade of the Godhra train carnage and the subsequent communal riots, Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dared Gujarat-bashers to try disrupting the peace and bonhomie experienced in the State in the last 10 years.

Dedicating to the people the new ultra-modern and high-tech central jail in Surat, Mr. Modi said that for the last 10 years a “handful of Gujarat-bashers” had left no stone unturned to defame Gujarat and disrupt peace, communal harmony and sense of brotherhood being witnessed in the State.

“I challenge them to try to disrupt the peace prevailing in the State and I can guarantee you that despite their millions of efforts, they will never succeed,” he said.

Gujarat had moved ahead on the path of development and progress, which was wedded to unity, harmony and brotherhood among all the communities and there would be no looking back, the Chief Minister asserted.

The “handful of Gujarat-bashers” have been trying all tricks of the trade and playing all kinds of “mischief” to “poison the society” and inject disharmony between one communities, “but they have miserably failed in their sinister design.”

They want to ensure that Gujarat is ruined, “but that is not to be because the State has laid a stronger foundation for amity and brotherhood that has helped it gain inherent strength to reach new heights of development and progress.” Often criticised for the alleged violation of human rights since the riots, Mr. Modi said he was inviting the authorities of the human rights commission to visit the Surat jail and satisfy themselves that the government had not violated any human rights. He said it had been designed as a model central jail with all high-tech facilities having a humanitarian approach to reform the prisoners and help them return to society as responsible citizens.

I am a Gujarati living in Ahmedabad, have to travel extensively in different parts of Gujarat for work. Here are my obervations: 1) In Ahmedabad, if you are a muslim, you cann't find house in hindu areas. This indicates deep bias in society and despite knowing ground realty, government hasn't taken any action against this. 2) Housing provided to riot affected muslims is in pathetic state and barely get any support from the state. 3) BRTS, Kankaria, high quality roads and highways have turned around lot of areas. This development has indeed reached everyone irrespective of their religion. 4) Lot of villages have seen unprecendented growth in their output due to better electricity supply, water availability and corruption free fertilizer distribution by state.
I know lot of Gujaratis wo are very frustrated by trial by media. They argue if court finds Modi guilty, they will accept it but until then they will continue to vote for him.

from:  Sahil
Posted on: Mar 3, 2012 at 06:50 IST

Narendra Modiji has been in rule in Gujarat for a decade and to
achieve development against all odds without much central support is a
great achievement. If somebody has mentioned the development is not
even keel, please spare a moment to reflect on Congress performance
despite ruling the country for 60 years. The few exceptions being the
Narasimha Raoji's Govt. and Rajivji's technology thrust. Even Hindus
have faced the brunt of atrocities in the past in Kashmir, Sikhs in
Delhi. It is time for the media to be responsible and to stop fanning
communal and biased views. India belongs to all Indians and in its
unique cultural diversity lies its unity and strength. Let us have
more articles singing the praises of Ram and Rahim. India is a land of
great saints. Let us emulate selfless leaders like Shri Abdul Kalam
and Shri Narayan Murthy. Media should allocate more space for genuine
heroes in our Indian Army instead of Digvijay singh and bollywood
trash, so the nextgen can learn. Jai Hind.

from:  balaji
Posted on: Feb 28, 2012 at 11:25 IST

Surprised by the modi fan club here. Thought readers of the Hindu had a
certain level of awareness and ethical balance. No amount of development
can compensate for brutal criminality and spreading hate and mistrust.

from:  GT
Posted on: Feb 28, 2012 at 11:19 IST

Throughout the history of this nation,thousands were killed, from the
times of emperor Ashoka till the British were compelled to quit, to
convert Hindus to other religions like
Budhism,Jainism,christianity,Islam and sikhism etc and if at all
Sanathan dharma has survived from invaders we must be grateful to
three great Acharyas i.e.Shankara,Ramanuja and Madhva.Did any of our
rulers try them for forcible conversions?It is unfortunate that Godhra
incident and what happened later has remained hot topic for more than
a decade thanks to our politicians,Media and Judiciary.
It is high time people concentrate to eliminate poverty,illiteracy and
superstitions among the masses whom our political class continues to
exploit to remain in power.Let Narender Modi carry on with his good
work since no one suspects him to be corrupt.

from:  n kumaraswamy
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 18:58 IST

I am living in Ahmedabad for the last 3 years and have travelled extensively in all 26 districts of Gujarat.Gujarat's GSDP & per capita income are lower than Maharashtra,Haryana,A.P.or Tamilnadu.The growth of industries is concentrated only in few pockets and I.T.or Tourism or film & media industries have not developed at all.The agricultural growth rate in the recent past is good because of Narmada river,but overall agri.production & productivity are much less.The districts like Dangs,Dahod,narmada,Sabarkantha and Banaskantha are totally underdeveloped and more than 35% of the population of the state living under utter poverty.The state of minorities (read muslims) is horrible and they are living under constant fear of elimination which is the sole reason for peace prevailing now.They are yet to become part of main stream growth.Recently,my colleague from Tamilnadu could not get a house on rent,just because he is a Muslim and has to settle down in muslim area.This is real Gujarat.

from:  S.Venugopal
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 18:00 IST

The development, which Modi is claiming is nothing but an illusion. The harmony, and the brotherhood in Gujarat is nothing but a facade. I stayed in Gujarat for seven years and there is fear phycosis everywhere. Even a small incident can lead to full scale communal riot.

If this man is allowed to become PM of India, then the only thing that will be developed is the communal disharmony and distruct between people of different religions.

However, it must be noted that Modi cannot become PM by alienating 25% people of this country. And he knows it. That is reason why he is taking on Sadhbhavana Yatras. I wonder why he didn't conduct these yatras immediately after Godhra riots.

from:  Shahid
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 17:29 IST

Yes definitely Mr. Modi did bring Properity in the state, however as claimed, a little research shows there exist still discrimination, marginalisation and polarisation of the society. And Jail is not important criteria for proving that Human rights violation are not happening. The state subjects are subjugated with clear discrimination. Well the state might be progressing but the unity with discrimination in Gujarat is a very distant dream.

from:  Wasiullah
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 15:49 IST

Modi claims 1.No farmer suicides 2. Communal Harmony 3.Industrial growth and the list goes on and on..... Why are the opposition parties silent on all the above if these are false claims, while defacing him on all decade old issues. True that a few good things cannot erase bitter memories, but the bottom line is the State is progressing. When compared to other states where, corruption reigns and progress takes back step,should we not credit Gujarat for all the good deeds and allow the politician to bring more smiles to common man?

from:  Bramishtan Muraleedharan
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 11:48 IST

This the best politician ever I know !!

from:  Haresh
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 10:59 IST

India needs Modi.

from:  vijay
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 10:52 IST

In politics, when any politician gets label its very hard to remove it. The same case is with Modi, He is labeled as Hindu fanatic and it is very hard to abolish that image now. Modi is emerging as the most successful chief mister who are more development oriented. I think media has to play a role here for good of country. Media should also focus the development and give due credit to the people who are involved in that development. So it will help the people to vote the right candidates. If we will only hear the wrong doing of politicians than not only "Aam Adami" but the politicians will lose the will to do something for country. Because development work is not getting highlighted.

from:  Tarun Gupta
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 10:04 IST

This person is one who can termed as one of the best politician. I really wish he
would become PM of India because he seems to be one of the apt person for the

from:  vinayak
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 10:03 IST

India would be saved from further occupation by foreign forces like Italy and China if it would get Narendra Modi as PM of India who had made Gujarat riot free in 10 years and and also made it exemplary prosperous.

Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 09:55 IST

The work of this politician is a role model for the whole country
politicians.As we indians realized that, we need no development at the
cost of harmony.He again and again proving that ,he and his govt in
Gujrat taking every problems as a new opportunity and forwarding to
elevate the social status of people and their emloyability.Every
corner good and bad prevails in some ratio. if it has tolerable value
, everyware it is accepted(in manufacturing, in IT sector, ..). I
finally convey my wishes to CM Narendra Modi that, remove his present
castism status and work on more common mans problems like this, he
will be remembered for ever.

from:  Veerabhadrappa PT
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 09:53 IST

Dear Narendra

Now we need you on national level so that you can take the whole Nation on the path of progress and development. Sir we people really need you at the national level politics so that no one can dare to inject disharmony among communities at any part of our beloved Hindustan.


from:  Gagandeep Sharma
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 08:45 IST

Yes, Narendra Modi will come out unscathed out of these dedicated attacks by Congress and NGOs. What face does Congress leaders against Mr.Modi, who has delivered massive economic success to Gujarat and eradicated corruption, illicit liquor and communal riots in the state. Did Congress made Rajiv Gandhi accountable for the massacre of Sikhs in 1983. Apart from financial success, Gujarat has been very peaceful for the last 10 years and has overtaken the economic growth of some of the states in USA. On the contrary, Congress at the state and Central has perpetrated massive corruption (2G, CWG, Adarsh and Black money just tip of the iceberg). Massively increased the divide between rich and poor and killed the life support (sustaining the purchasing power of Rupee) of millions of poor. It is a shame that Congress led UPA is still ruling the country and people with teach them in the coming state elections

from:  moh
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 08:17 IST

To err is human, goes the saying. Narendra Modi seems to have realized his past errors and reform himself for better and take the state move forward in progress as one can perceive his ten year rule of Gujarat. BJP without any inhibition if makes him a Prime Ministerial candidate in 2014 can turn its fortunes better as he has the grit and dynamism to improve things. What he has to assure the nation is he will ensure better administration and justice to all and endeavour his best to eliminate poverty and illiteracy time bound and make India a truly developed state.

from:  Vyaskavindra
Posted on: Feb 27, 2012 at 05:57 IST
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