The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to grant early hearing on a writ petition questioning the continuance of Shibu Soren as Jharkhand Chief Minister.

Justice G.S. Singhvi, heading a vacation Bench told counsel for the petitioner, Babu Lal Marandi, MP, that since there was no urgency in the matter it would come up for hearing in the normal course. Justice C.K. Prasad was the other judge on the Bench.

Mr. Marandi alleged that Mr. Soren had committed a fraud on the Constitution by repeatedly availing himself of the benefit of Article 164 (4) to become Chief Minister, but without getting elected to the legislature.

In the latest instance, he was sworn in as Chief Minister on December 30, 2009, and he could continue in the post only if he was elected to the Assembly within six months. But, owing to paucity of time, there was little chance of the Election Commission completing the poll process in the remaining 43 days of the six-month time available. Further, there was no vacancy in the legislature, the petition said.