Denying media reports that a huge quantity of radioactive material was dumped on the Delhi University campus, Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental on Saturday said a team of experts did not detect any abnormal radiation levels at the site.

“An Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) team that visited the campus on Saturday did not find any abnormal radiation around that area. The team would also visit the remaining departments in the next few days. The amount of radioactive material suggested to have been dumped is large enough to run energy plants. The media should refrain from such exaggerated reporting as it leads to panic,” Mr. Pental told a press conference.

Stating that all safety procedures were adhered to while conducting research in the university departments, Mr. Pental said: “The radiation sources used for research in the Physics Department are several lakh times weaker than Cobalt-60. We have to do research and have to do it properly. If there are any weaknesses, these will be removed.”

On the reply to the show-cause notice issued to the university by the AERB, Mr. Pental said: “We have got the report from all departments concerned on the matter. It will be faxed to the Board on Monday.”

A three-member committee would be constituted on Monday to look into the matter.

“The terms of reference for the committee will be framed soon and it will be constituted on Monday. Besides other things, the committee will also find out what all was auctioned by the Chemistry Department in 2007 and 2010.”

Asked about his responsibility in the matter, Mr. Pental said: “Being the head of the university I sign hundreds of files every day. I cannot be held directly responsible for every matter. I have already owned moral responsibility for the matter.”