National president of the Bharatiya Janata Party Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday lashed out at political opponents, using derogatory language against Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh.

Addressing a rally here, Mr. Gadkari said his political rivals spoke of opposition to the United Progressive Alliance, but bent over backwards to please it when they needed favours to overcome corruption charges. He alleged that the CBI had cornered Mayawati, but she favoured the Congress and her cases were promptly sorted out.

Mr. Gadkari targeted the Congress on issues ranging from price rise to the poor condition of the minority community. He questioned the decision to import sugar and wheat and questioned the Congress' claims to be a farmer friendly government.

Regrets use of words

PTI reports:

Mr. Gadkari later offered to take back the harsh words he used against Mr. Prasad and Mr. Singh if they felt bad.

“I directly or indirectly never had any intention to [indulge in] loose talk, particularly about Mulayam Singhji and Laluji. I respect them as leaders,” Mr. Gadkari told CNN-IBN.

The BJP chief said his use of the words should not be “taken literally as that was never my intention and it was never in my mind.”

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