Activist Anna Hazare said on Wednesday that he had never alleged that Arvind Kejriwal was corrupt nor that he had siphoned off money.

“If someone says Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare are fighting, it is wrong. I never said Kejriwal is corrupt,” Anna Hazare told reporters, a day after a war of word erupted between him and Mr. Kejriwal over funds collected during the India Against Corruption movement.

“I have always kept away from money. All I said was that several crore were collected in the movement but I never even took Rs.5 from it. However, I did not say Arvind Kejriwal took all the money. This is not an allegation,” he said.

A video aired on television channels on Tuesday showed Anna Hazare telling his confidants “billions of rupees were collected during the movement in my name. I did not even take Rs.5.”

“The clip that is being played is very old”, Mr. Hazare said. He said the issue of concern for him at present was his name being misused by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

“The current issue of concern is the SIM cards they sold in my name. I am not a party to it,” he said. The activist said someone had filed a petition in a court related to the SIM cards sale.

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