Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday criticised the union government, saying it was not bothered about the falling value of the rupee and the security of the country.

“It is unfortunate that the leadership in Delhi is neither bothered about the security of the country nor about the decline in the value of the rupee,” Mr. Modi said.

Expressing concern at the weakening value of the rupee, he said: “I do not think that the government will be able to strengthen the rupee against the dollar. In the last three months, the value of the rupee has been falling and the government has not taken any measures.”

Taking a dig at the government, Mr. Modi said: “They are only bothered about saving their seats and position. They are completely immersed in devising steps to protect their chair and leadership.”

Though the government has been promising for the last five years to control food prices, till now nothing has been done, he said.

The rupee hit yet another record low Tuesday, falling below 64 against a dollar.