Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi says he is “sad” about the 2002 riots but has “no guilt,” and that no court has “come even close to establishing” it.

He has suffered 12 years of public “Modi-bashing” since the time of the riots but says he had decided early on to “let the media do its work; there will be no confrontation. I never waste my time in confrontation,” the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is quoted as saying in a just-published biography by British author and TV producer Andy Marino.

Mr. Marino says in the book, Narendra Modi: A Political Biography, published by Harper Collins, that he was given detailed access by Mr. Modi whom he accompanied aboard his helicopter during his campaign and interviewed him over several weeks.

On the 2002 riots, Mr. Modi says: “I feel sad about what happened but have no guilt. And no court has come even close to establishing it.”

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