Taking Narendra Modi head on, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate does not understand the strength of India and its people and accused his party of following a politics that was “full of anger“.

Also attacking him on the snoopgate issue, Rahul advised Modi to change the slogans on his posters as it promised that he would give power to women, while “he was the person sending police after women and tapping their phone in Gujarat.”

Addressing a public rally at Chandauli after holding a massive roadshow in Varanasi constituency earlier in the day, the Congress vice president took pot-shots at Modi for his alleged links to Gujarat—based industrial house Adanis.

“We (Congress) want to fulfil your dream. He (Modi) shows dream to Adani,” Rahul said, but clarified that the Congress was not against industrialists.

“If the country has to move forward, then there has to be partnership between industrialists and labourers. Everybody will be part of the development, labourers, farmers and workers,” he said.

Rahul said the BJP leaders’ speeches were “full of anger, but India works on love and not on anger.”

“India is for everybody. It is for Hindus, Muslims, Sikh and Christians. It belongs to every caste and community, poor and rich people and it will remain for everybody.”

On Modi, he said, “Few days back, I saw a poster in Delhi which had Modiji’s image and it was written that “Mahilaon ko main shakti doonga”. Me, not we, only me.”

“He (Modi) comes to you and says, you have not done anything. Nothing happened in India for the last 60 years. He asks farmers, workers, what have you done. Says India was sleeping. The US Presidents understood that India has risen. Traders, farmers, industrialists, workers have taken India forward. India has risen like a tiger and Modi comes to you and says make me Chowkidar. Nothing happened in the last 60 years. Modi says he will make the difference,” Rahul said.

Continuing his diatribe against the Gujarat Chief Minister, the Congress leader said that Modi tells women that they do not have power and he would give them the power.

“He does not have an understanding about India. There is no need to give strength to women of India. They have huge strength. Nobody can give strength to the country. It has strength. You have power in your hands, in your heart. Nobody will give you strength from above,” Rahul said.