The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress in his four rallies in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday for delays in enforced on his helicopter by Air Traffic Controllers in Delhi and Bareilly.

Mr. Modi had scheduled rallies in Rewa, Shahdol, Satna and Jabalpur districts here on Tuesday from 1pm. His chopper was held up in Delhi for 90 minutes and in Bareilly for an hour, ostensibly due to unfavourable weather and security clearances, resulting in him reaching Rewa only around 4 pm.

"I was delayed for no reason. The Congress does not have the strength to deal with defeat. They are so scared that they are trying every trick to stop the BJP. They will fail. I ask you who is behind this, who committed the sin of stopping the chopper," he said in Rewa.

A visibly infuriated Mr. Modi cut his meetings short. He asked voters to elect more than 300 BJP MPs not a single one from the Congress to parliament and. "They said Modi is nothing. Then they said let's get together and stop him. Now they want a weak government," he said.

"I demand the EC probe who stopped the chopper. Party events are informed of in advance. We want a level playing field. UPA (United Progressive Alliance), your defeat is certain," he thundered in Beohari in Shahdol.