The Congress on Monday dismissed Yashwant Sinha’s support for Narendra Modi as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections, saying the eventuality does not arise as the Opposition party stands “not even a distant chance” to come to power.

Though terming it as an “internal matter” of the BJP as to whom they make their PM candidate, party spokesperson Rashid Alvi said, “Anyone from their party can become Prime Minister only when BJP gets that much strength in Parliament. And there is not even a distant possibility of that happening.”

Mr. Sinha earlier said that after careful thought, he has concluded “that if the BJP declares Modi as its PM candidate, then BJP will benefit hugely in the elections. It will have a big impact on voters. I have no doubt on this”.

Mr. Sinha became the first senior BJP leader to openly back Mr. Modi as the PM candidate although the party and the leaders have been evasive on the issue.


Sinha pitches for Modi as BJP’s PM candidateJanuary 28, 2013

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