The Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) disposed of 681 cases related to soldiers and other defence personnel in Rajasthan during 2013.

The AFT’s Principal Bench in Jaipur and regional bench in Jodhpur hear cases related to grievances of Air Force, Army and Navy personnel.

“These [681 cases] include 105 basic applications, 44 transfer requests, five appeals, seven review petitions, 503 miscellaneous cases and 17 contempt cases,” said defence spokesperson S.D.Goswami.

The Armed Forces Tribunal Bill was passed by the Parliament in 2007 and received presidential assent on December 25, 2007. The act was notified in 2008.

The Act provides for the setting up of the AFT’s Principal Bench in New Delhi and branches at other places. The tribunal is chaired by a former Judge of the Supreme Court or a former Chief Justice of a High Court, who holds office for a four-year term.

“The regional bench in Jodhpur was inaugurated on 16th May 2011,” said Col. Goswami. The Tribunal and its benches, having powers of a High Court, comprise judicial as well as administrative members.While judicial members are retired High Court judges, administrative members are drawn from among those members of the forces who have served as the Judge Advocate General for at least one year.

Appeals against court-martial verdicts can be made only before the tribunal.