“What Tehelka achieved is going down the drain because of one person” 

Social activist Medha Patkar has said Tehelka may have done a good job in exposing various cases of corruption, but “it is unfortunate that what it did [through various sting operations] is going down the drain because of one person. I am sad…..I think the Bharatiya Janata Party will make full use of it.”

The law was taking its own course and should, because the woman’s version seemed to be correct, she told journalists here on Friday on the sidelines of an event.

 “Tejpal may have committed a big mistake, a serious crime. But that does not mean that the scam Tehelka has exposed involving the BJP was a lie…,” she said.  “But politics aside, an offence is an offence… its [the incident involving Tehelka’s Editor- in-Chief Tarun Tejpal] politicisation is unfortunate.”

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