The Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA), which is investigating the conspiracy angle in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, is preparing a questionnaire for LTTE financier Selvarasa Pathmanathan , currently in Sri Lanka’s custody.

MDMA, which comprises experts from CBI and other agencies and has been granted another extension by the government despite noting for closure of this unit, has begun the work of preparing questions on the basis of its decade-old findings. These would be sent to Sri Lanka where Pathmanathan alias “KP” is being questioned by security agencies, official sources said.

Pathmanathan, the alleged financier and a key accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, was arrested in a Southeast Asian country and brought to Sri Lanka.

Declared as one of the most-wanted terrorists by Interpol, he is suspected to be a key person in LTTE’s global network for procuring weapons and other equipment.

Jane’s Defence Intelligence Review, the premier London-based defence magazine, had reported that the LTTE had two international wings — “KP” Department and Aiyanna Group — that were engaged in global terrorist activities.

The CBI had been on the trail of “KP” for over a decade and its team had travelled to New Zealand in 2002. The agency questioned three Tamil nationals there after securing permission from authorities in that country.

The term of MDMA, which is headed by a CBI official and comprises officers from IB, RAW and Revenue Intelligence, ended on May 31 this year and was given a post-facto approval.

The Jain Commission, which went into Rajiv Gandhi’s killing, had come across various leads which included bank transactions of the LTTE’s frontal outfits before and after the assassination and on movement of arms meant for LTTE during that period.

The MDMA has also been focusing on bank details of Pathmanathan. India has taken up the matter with Germany to get the bank details of “KP”, who is alleged to be a major gun-runner for the terrorist group.

The investigators want to know the bank details of “KP” and some more people, including some Indians who were alleged to have hatched the conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi.

The former Prime Minister was assassinated on May 21, 1991 when a LTTE suicide bomber blew herself up at an election rally in Tamil Nadu. “KP” is believed to be ‘the chief arms procurer’ for the LTTE and also in-charge of collection of finances for the banned outfit outside Sri Lanka.

The CBI had approached nearly 23 countries with letters rogatory for Pathmanathan along with its findings against the terrorist leader.

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