French officials today rejected press reports that the case of a French national , out on bail after being charged with raping his three-year-old daughter, is likely to derail President Francois Hollande’s visit to India.

An official, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Hindu that Pascal Mazurier, who does not enjoy diplomatic immunity, was innocent until proven guilty.

AFP news agency reported on February 6 that Mr. Mazurier’s Indian wife, whose daughter was allegedly raped by him, “has asked France’s Foreign Ministry to explain why their diplomats are providing support for him but not the little girl.”

The wife and her lawyers have alleged that Mr. Mazurier transferred the family’s money into the account of his friend, Vincent Caumontat, who was the Deputy Consul in Bangalore at the time of his arrest. The lawyers claim they have submitted records to this effect to the French Foreign Ministry. A Ministry official contacted by The Hindu denied receiving any such records.

The lawyers allege that the then Consul General of France tried to fool the police into thinking that Mr. Mazurier enjoyed diplomatic immunity, which is not the case.

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