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Updated: December 13, 2012 04:11 IST

Mayawati hits out at Ansari

B. Muralidhar Reddy
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CALM AFTER STORM: BSP chief Mayawati comes out of the Rajya Sabha after attending the session. Photo:R.V. Moorthy
The Hindu
CALM AFTER STORM: BSP chief Mayawati comes out of the Rajya Sabha after attending the session. Photo:R.V. Moorthy

The BSP chief says she will take a tougher stand if the government is not serious about SC/ST promotion Bill

In an unprecedented development, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Wednesday targeted Rajya Sabha Chairman, saying he did not prevent repeated disruptions by Samajwadi Party members to stop the passage of the Constitution Amendment Bill to provide reservation for SC/STs in job promotions.

Such was the ferocity of Ms. Mayawati’s tone that Mr. Ansari reportedly told several leaders, who later went to his chambers to express their regrets, “I am upset, it will be difficult to work in such a situation.”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also called him up to share his concern over her outburst.

Since the government managed to defeat the Opposition motion against FDI in multi-brand retail last week, with generous help from the BSP and the SP, the Rajya Sabha has not been able to transact any business due to the stand-off between the U.P. rivals on the reservation Bill.

The BSP reportedly wants the government, with the consent of the Chairman, to move a resolution for suspending the SP members, as it happened in the case of the Women’s Reservation Bill. However, there are no takers for the proposal.

The BSP chief took the House by surprise as she got up from her seat even as question hour was in progress and began questioning the Chairman why he was not taking any steps to ensure the smooth functioning of the House after question hour.

She stunned the House by asking Mr. Ansari, who tried in vain to counsel her to take her seat and let question hour proceed, to answer her question.

“You will leave the House at noon and not be seen thereafter. Who will arrange for proper functioning of the House after that?” she asked.

As if taking their cue from their leader, the BSP members trooped into the well, and as commotion continued, Mr. Ansari adjourned the House. In the evening, he expunged Ms. Mayawati’s remarks from the records.

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It is the duty of vice-president or speaker to maintain discipline in
the house, Mayawati has done a good job to remind their duties.

from:  nitish kumar
Posted on: Dec 13, 2012 at 12:29 IST

While Mayawatiji was reminding the speaker that it is his duty to make sure that the Rajya Sabha runs successfully, her MPs in the Lok Sabha were disrupting the house for details into the irregularities of coal block allocations. Hence if the speaker is expected to apply the rules in a tough manner, even Mayawati & her party will be hit. She cannot expect the speaker to punish her opponents & spare her own partyman.

from:  Amit
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 18:47 IST

A class-I officer's son brought in the reservation quota in education, job opportunity, promotion will enjoy the same benefits for the future generations also. Where is the opportnity for the poor dalits (agricultural labour) to reach the level of the Class-I officer ward's position? Offer the opportunity for one or two generation but after six decades after independence the third generation of class-I officer's family is still enjoying the quota all for himself.

from:  chandrasekaran
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 18:45 IST

It is obvious that Sm Mayawati is used to having her own way in her own party. The Parliament is a different forum and there are rules and this kind of disturbance in the House is done by almost all parties including her own and one cannot blame the Chair. THis kind of behavior to prevent debate in the HOuseis the result of some members not aware of the rules of conduct or deliberately instigated by some leaders of any party. There are far more important issues affecting the country to be discussed and a slight delay in the debate on this issue will not make any immediate difference.

from:  S.N.Iyer
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 18:30 IST

It is a great pity that the suggestion to use marshals had to come from Mayawati, but let us not attack the messenger. Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha should give serious consideration to the desirability of using marshals for ensuring functioning of the houses. The two presiding officers should also ensure that debates or discussions are conducted in a dignified and logical manner, similar to arguments in a Higher court: i.e. irrelevancies and extreme logical fallacies (like personal attacks, or tu quoque ) should be strictly excluded.

from:  vorpal
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 18:02 IST

It is not unfortunate that all parties are not in a position to take a
principled stand for or against reservation in promotions. Parties
must find out what the citizens feel. No one is saying that
reservations are not required but to demand reservations in promotions
is sheer populist politics. Ms Mayawati cannot afford to ignore her
base of Dalit voters and hence she has become aggressive in the Rajya
Sabha. However, it is necessary to point out that she is not aware of
the general resentment against reservations, particularly for the
promotional posts. Of course, given the existing scenario, we cannot
rule out anything. Even patently irrational demands are accepted by
the government for remaining in power and this can be the case in the
matter of reservations too.

from:  Narendra M Apte
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:44 IST

While it is very essential to have reservation of seats at the entry
level I don't feel the reservations are required in promotions.
Required head start is already given in the form of entry level
reservations. It should then be a level playing field.
Also let us bring in the economic considerations for reservations
rather than the caste.
Elite in the weaker sections are only benefited. There is no 'trickle
down' as the beneficiaries are not educating the others in the same
caste (about reservations at least).

from:  Naveen
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:41 IST

It is rather unfortunate that Ms Mayawati is pouncing on the chair of the upper house and discipline him... It does not need a seer to say who is responsible for the non-functioning of Lok/Rajya sabha.... And if somebody were to question the chair of the house, it just shows their audacity or arrogance and their respect for parliament style of functioning...May sanity prevail upon those who protect these kind of parties.....

from:  R Ramanujam
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:22 IST

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar envisaged the reservation in recruitment for
persons belonging to SC/ST category for only 10 years in the
constitution. Now even after a lapse of 50 years or so the persons coming into the zone of consideration for the purposes of reservation
have increased many folds, but the hunger to come in the reserve
category is unsatiated. It is causing resentment amongst the people of
unreserved category. This is not a healthy situation. The conflict in
the interests of unreserved and reserved category in the education,
recruitment & promotion and other business affairs is not good for the
Nation as a whole. Now the reservations is given on the basis of "Vote
Bank" politics and the demand to amend the constitution to circumvent
the decision of Supreme Court is another bad step.

from:  Amar Jeet Singh
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:10 IST

Welldone Maya,Someone showed mirror to fat cats like speaker and vice president who make fat pay and leave house at drop of hat or on suggestion of gov minister.
it will be interesting to see if it changes anything.

from:  Diva Das
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:00 IST
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