Interpol assistance to be sought for tracing money trail

Mangalore couple Ayesha Bano and Zubaid, arrested in an illegal fund transfer case in Bihar’s Lakhisarai district, received calls from Pakistan, according to police sources. Investigators would seek the help of Interpol to probe the alleged communication links to Pakistan as well as the various transactions through their accounts.

“There have been several transactions from their bank accounts. The transactions are in spurts and of huge amounts, to the tune of Rs. 20-30 lakh at a time. However, we do not know who the beneficiaries of these funds are. From the [seized] mobiles [we have discovered that] some calls have been made from Pakistan. To establish the money trail, we would have to take the help of Interpol,” the police sources told The Hindu.

After getting transit remand, Ayesha and Zubaid are expected to be brought here in the next couple of days.

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