Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday expressed her agreement “for the first time” with social activist Anna Hazare’s view on the dissolution of Parliament and holding general elections.

“I completely agree with the views of Anna Hazare. This government must go for good,” Ms. Banerjee told journalists at the State Secretariat.

Ms. Banerjee said she had heard Anna Hazare speaking on television on Monday and that “for the first time [she] fully agree[d] with his views.”

“This government has lost its moral ground,” Ms. Banerjee said, adding that she would not like to interfere in the movement led by Anna Hazare as “it is an apolitical platform.”

Significantly, Ms. Banerjee had made no comment on the corruption allegations against the United Progressive Alliance government when the movement led by Anna Hazare had been at the peak of its popularity.