Members of ‘Bandi Mukti Committee' — a human rights organisation — and a section of the city's intelligentsia demanded the immediate and unconditional release of renowned physician Binayak Sen here on Thursday.

Dr. Sen was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Raipur sessions court on December 24 last year on sedition charges.

‘Travesty of justice'

Criticising the way Dr. Sen's lawyer was not allowed to give explanation supporting his client after the judgement, Magsaysay Award-winning author Mahasweta Devi said that the “strange” nature of the judgement has resulted in people raising their voices against such a “travesty of justice”.

“Those in power are aware of the mistake they have made by framing and incarcerating a personality like Dr. Sen.

"We all want his immediate and unconditional release,” she said at a mass demonstration organised by the Committee.