Maharashtra state water supply and sanitation minister Lakshman Kandiba Dhobale was manhandled by some people who were angry over his alleged remarks on Dalits and tribal women on Sunday.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of Annabhau Sathe literary festival here on Sunday evening, Prof. Dhobale allegedly said that instead of wasting time in organising protests and marches, Dalit and tribal women should encourage their children to learn law and get the justice through them.

These comments from the minister infuriated some people present at the venue who started shouting slogans, disrupting the minister’s speech. But the president of the literary festival managed to calm down the angry protesters.

“But when the minister was moving out of the podium after the function, some women blocked his way near the main entrance and some young men started pushing the minister. One young man even tried to slap him” said one eyewitness.

“Then the minister’s bodyguard managed to take him to his car but the angry protesters started throwing shoes and sandals on his official vehicle”, one police constable who was on duty at the venue told The Hindu.

The minister refused to comment on the incident.