In order to tackle price rise, the newly formed Maharashtra Government will provide some commodities at a subsidised rate.

“The Government would sell tur dal at subsidised rate of Rs 55 per kg, sugar for Rs 30 per kg and palm oil for Rs 30 per litre at the rationing shops in November and December,” an official from the CMO said after the first Cabinet meeting on Sunday.

This would put a burden of Rs 88 crore on the State exchequer.

About two crore people would benefit from the decision.

Per month 28,000 metric tonnes of sugar, 10,000 metric tonnes of tur dal and 15,000 litres of palm oil would be sold State-wide, the official said.

The government would purchase the dal at Rs 70 per kg, sugar and oil for Rs 32 per kg.

It has already made a provision of Rs 100 crore to pay bills of cotton farmers on time and Rs 500 crore bank guarantee for the same.