Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat on Wednesday criticised the Congress government for not having an independent investigative department for the Lokpal.

Speaking to The Hindu here, she said: “Lokpal's status will be lower than any local body without an independent investigative department.”

“The Congress government is acting as an agent of the multi-national companies. Before bringing in Foreign Direct Investment, the Central government should have discussed the issue with all the parties,” Ms. Karat said.

Discussing issues pertaining to Jharkhand, she said: “The State government should monitor and rehabilitate people of Jharia in Dhanbad, which is badly affected due to underground fire from coal mines. The rehabilitation process is very slow.”

Ms. Karat criticised the Centre for not regulating the corporate sector. Asked if the CPI(M) would join hands with social activist Anna Hazare, she said her party had a different view on the Lokpal Bill though it was all for it.

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