Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) staff finally trapped the runaway lioness Supriya after a 30-hour arduous operation in adverse weather on Wednesday afternoon. The zoo reopened after she was captured.

The 10-year-old lioness, which had escaped from an enclosure on Tuesday morning, continued to be elusive even as a 50-member team and an elephant were deployed to drive her out of a bushy area in the 900-acre zoo.

When the operation resumed on Wednesday morning, the lioness still continued to be elusive. Subsequently, it was decided to compress a makeshift enclosure laid out just on the escape route.

Luckily, the lioness came closer to the net and the team successfully fired a tranquilliser dart at its hind thigh from a distance of five feet.


Lioness escapes from zoo enclosure in OdishaJanuary 11, 2012