Dismayed over the Supreme Court’s refusal to review its verdict on homosexuality, members of the LGBT community and gay rights activists organised a demonstration at Jantar Mantar here on Tuesday.

“There were eight review petitions that were well argued. The Supreme Court, in merely half-an-hour, dismissed all the well-reasoned arguments by professors, teachers, and parents of LGBT people against Section 377,” activist Kavita Krishnan said during the protest.

“The SC really had a great chance to correct its mistake. It is the duty of the apex court to protect the fundamental rights of every citizen,” said Mohnish Malhotra, an LGBT community member and gay rights activist.

Anjan Joshi, founder of an NGO, said that after the December 11 verdict, those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) feel uncomfortable going to government hospitals for treatment as they would need to disclose their sexuality. “The verdict will make these people go underground, leading to further increase in such infections,” he said.

Madhu, a member from the community, said: “Now the police will torture us even more. They will question each and every gesture of ours. Even if I step out with my brother, they will still question us. We can go to the public but not to the police as there might be a chance of us getting booked.”

“The order of the court is altogether wrong. It will further increase the problems of the family members. People will look down upon us. Section 377 should be removed. We also have rights and we are equally human beings,” Madhu added.


Gays vulnerable now: CentreJanuary 29, 2014

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