On what is likely his last visit to India as China's Special Representative on the boundary negotiations, State Councillor Dai Bingguo has issued a strong call for both countries to put aside their differences and seize “a golden period to grow China-India relations.”

In an exclusive article written for The Hindu as India and China begin the 15th round of talks in New Delhi on Monday, Mr. Dai, who is China's seniormost diplomat, stressed “there does not exist such a thing as China's attempt to attack India or suppress India's development.”

“Our Indian friends may have confidence in China's tremendous sentiment of friendship towards India,” he wrote.

Mr. Dai has served as China's Special Representative since the current mechanism was introduced in 2003. He has also directed China's foreign policy under the Hu Jintao government.

This is likely his last visit to India, although he may preside over the next round of talks, if they are held this year. Mr. Dai (70) is expected to retire as the Chinese leadership begins a once-in-a-decade transition towards the end of the year — a time when outgoing officials are looking to leave their posts with a noteworthy legacy.

“As a man in his seventies,” Mr. Dai said, “I truly hope that our children and children's children will forever live in peace, friendship and cooperation.”