Striking a personal note, Manmohan Singh said he had served the country with “honesty, commitment and hard work” not only as prime minister but also in whatever position he held earlier.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the policies of the Left are responsible for both slowdown in growth and the decline in the popularity of Left parties across the country.

Addressing an election campaign meeting of UDF candidate K.V. Thomas at Palluruthi, near here, on Sunday, Dr. Singh said the Left parties were unable to change with the times. ‘‘The result is that their policies and programmes do not take into account the realities of the day and lead to a slowdown of the process of growth and development. The people recognised this and the Left parties suffered heavy losses in Kerala and West Bengal. They will continue to decline unless they show some willingness to change their dogmatic way of thinking,’’ he said.

He expressed apprehension over the growing incidents of political violence in Kerala perpetrated by ‘political adversaries’ of the Congress. Kerala would reject the cult of violence, he said.

‘‘With the Left parties poised to suffer even further losses this time, only the Congress can counter divisive ideology of the BJP,’’ he said.

He said the Congress would decide on the recommendations of the Kasturirangan committee report on the conservation of Western Ghats only by keeping in view the developmental needs of Kerala.

Dr. Singh said the Western Ghats constituted a hot spot of bio-diversity and its protection and preservation remained vital for sustainable development. ‘‘We will ensure that agricultural and other developmental works in the hilly region of Kerala are not affected adversely by the report. The genuine interests of farmers and other inhabitants of the area will be fully protected. The well-being of farmers is our priority,’’ he said.

It was the only campaign meeting attended by the Prime Minister in Kerala so far.

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