The Communist Party of India (Marxist) said on Thursday that while there may be questions on the nature of the verdict in the Ayodhya case, the judgment needed to be fully studied.

In the country's secular democratic system, the judicial process, which included recourse to the Supreme Court, should be the only way to resolve the issue, the party's Polit Bureau said in a statement. It appealed to the people to maintain peace and communal harmony and not fall prey to provocation.

Communist Party of India national secretary D. Raja said the split verdict showed that there were complicated issues and the judgment needed to be studied in detail. If any party felt aggrieved, legal course of appeal was available. But at the same time, he cautioned that there should be no public demonstration by taking to the streets either in joy or sorrow.

The CPI(ML) Liberation said the judgment failed to provide a satisfactory resolution of the dispute. “Going beyond established legal considerations to settle a title suit, the verdict seems to have based itself more on political grounds,'' it said. Aggrieved parties did have the right to appeal to the Supreme Court for a reconsideration of the judgment and the country awaited its verdict.

Secular progressive forces would have to remain alert to thwart attempts by the sangh parivar to use the verdict to fuel its long-standing campaign against secularism and democracy, it said.

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