Inspired by the heroic deeds of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a legal practitioner here has turned his home into a private miniature museum housing several rare collections related to the life of the revolutionary freedom fighter.

Collecting and preserving antiques began as a hobby for 45-year-old Mohammad Mustaque, but now it is his passion.

In his private museum at Badahat locality of Kendrapara town, a wide range of collections on the freedom fighter finds pride of place.

Among other things, the unique collections include rare photographs, letters, manuscripts, magazines, journals, coins, homeopathy box, granite glass and lantern related to the great leader.

“Since childhood, I was an ardent fan of Netaji. His magnetic personality drew me to know more and more towards him. The children of my age then adored Bollywood heroes, but for me, he remained my idol. Later on, I began to collect everything that had even Netaji’s name,” Mustaque said.

“For the collections, a lot has been spent from my own purse. Right from street corner book shops in Kolkata to various individuals, my search for Netaji articles still goes on,” the lawyer, who takes pride in the fact that his personal collection on great leaders are drawing people from various parts, said.