Government is all set to bring into effect a new law aimed at regulating hospitals and clinics across the country.

“The Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010, which has been adopted by Parliament is to be notified in next 2-3 days. You will see the notification coming from the government,” Quality Council of India (QCI) Secretary General Giridhar. J. Gyani said. He added that the healthcare sector is the “least regulated” and needs “substantial” standardisation for the well being of the citizens.

The need to soon operationalise the Act and bring into effect its various provisions was also raised at a high-level meeting on the health sector at PMO today. The Health Ministry was asked to immediately bring the Act into effect.

“Opening of a nursing home or hospital is very easy. There is no regulation. This Act will ensure that all establishments from homoeopathic clinic to big hospitals come under a regulatory authority,” Mr. Gyani told PTI.

Once the Act is notified, the infrastructure standards for establishments will be decided in next six months, he said.

He cited examples of sectors like telecom and insurance which are regulated by TRAI and IRDA. “...driving quality through regulators is very key. Areas like healthcare which impact the well being of the citizens of the country have to be regulated,” he added.