Myanmar’s Opposition leader and pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi on Wednesday admitted she was “saddened” by India moving away from her country during its “difficult phase,” but was quick to point out that as long as relations between the two countries were based on friendship between their people, India and Myanmar would continue to have strong ties.

After delivering her address at the Nehru Memorial Lecture here, Ms. Suu Kyi said lasting friendships should be based on people, not governments; governments come and go and that is what democracy is all about.

The Nobel laureate said since her arrival in India she was constantly asked about her expectations from India and the two words that have been persistently mentioned are “expectation” and “disappointment” in the context of her visit to India and about India not standing by Myanmar (in its quest for democracy).

“Expectation is not something we can indulge in, disappointment too is not something we can indulge in. I have been saddened to feel India [had] drawn away from us during our difficult days,” she said adding that as long as people from both countries were bound by mutual respect and people were friends, friendship between the two would last.

Eliciting India’s support for Myanmar’s struggle for democracy, she said Myanmar had not yet achieved the goal, but it is hoping that “the people of India will stand by us and walk by us as we walk this path that they have walked many years before us.”

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