The former Railway Minister, Lalu Prasad, has lost the additional benefits that were bestowed on the former Railway Ministers before he demitted the office. Soon after assuming the office, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee had opposed the decision that allowed a former Railway Minister to a lifetime complementary pass allowing him to travel with three companions in AC First Class and an attendant in the AC II. For Ministers of State, the facility had been enhanced to travelling with a companion in AC First Class and an attendant travelling in AC II tier.

In May, the Railways had issued passes to the effect to Mr. Prasad and to his two juniors Narayan Bhai J Rathwa and R.Velu.

After Ms. Banerjee reconsidered the decision and restored the earlier facilities, the Railways wrote to these former Ministers and directed them to surrender their passes, which they did in December.

The Railways have since cancelled these passes and issued them fresh lifetime complementary passes allowing Mr. Prasad to travel with just one companion in AC First Class and the two Ministers of State too to travel with just one companion.

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