A recent survey by CPI(M)’s youth wing, DYFI, has indicated that the youth in Kerala, considered to be a ‘politically hyperactive’ State, seem to be losing interest in social activism.

According to the survey, 41.41 per cent of the youth had never participated in rallies, demonstrations and protests in their life.

Significantly, those in the 15-20 age group was found most disinterested in joining public life, while men and women in the 21-40 age group were more socially and politically minded.

A total of 1450 young women and men from across the State were interviewed as part of the survey focussing on a host of issues concerning the youth.

Unemployment continued to be the biggest problem of the youth with only 19 per cent of those surveyed having secure jobs and 40 per cent of them still awaiting government jobs.

Nearly 30 per cent of them said providing job guarantee is the duty of the government. The survey found that the number of employed women was much lower than men. The number of employees in the central government offices in the state had declined from 1.01 lakh to 76,000 between 2000 and 2007.

A majority of those interviewed felt farming was not a reliable, gainful occupation in Kerala. However, they were prepared to turn to agriculture if remunerative prices for crops and decent wages were assured in the sector.