Days after a 25-year old woman died of ailments attributed to endosulfan pesticide spraying in the cashew estates of the Plantation Corporation of Kerala in the district, another woman succumbed after undergoing prolonged treatment for serious health complications.

Jayanthi (36), a resident of Karmamthodi near Mullaria, one of the worst endosulfan affected areas in the district, died in a Mangalore hospital, sources here said on Wednesday.

Her name was included in the official list of the endosulfan victims from Karadukka panchayat in the district.

With both her legs maimed, Ms. Jayanthi’s life was confined to bed right from birth. Her health condition turned further worse after she developed liver complications some three years back. She also started having severe stomach pain in recent months, they said.

She is survived by mother, a brother and two sisters.

A 25-year old woman, identified as Prema, a resident of Kakkibettu Guthiadka in Bellur village near Mullaria, afflicted with endosulfan related ailments over the years had succumbed at the General Hospital here on Sunday last.

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