A 112-feet long chain made in a long plank of teak wood highlights the grave need to make united efforts for world peace in this age of chaos.

Hats off to Mr K.M.Rajendran, a 34-year old artisan from the small hamlet of Vaipur in Mallappally taluk of Pathanamthitta district, who has conceptualised and materialised the world’s longest wooden peace chain sans any joints.

What makes this piece of artistry unique is that this 112-ft long chain in teak wood comprising 208 blocks do not have any joints at all. It took 12 years for this artisan to complete his dream chain project.

According to Mr Rajendran, 195 blocks in the chain represent 192 republics across the globe and the three nations of Vatican, Palastene and Taiwan. The remaining 13 blocks stand for various burning issues facing the world today, he adds.

Environmental issues like global warming, man’s sheer neglect towards environment and environmental degradation also figure as linking blocks in this chain of world peace.

Rajendran often turns a historian and philosopher while talking about the history and geographical importance of various world nations.

A wooden block has been specially dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi and his noble practice of non-violence. This block has been designed adjacent to the one dedicated for Switzerland.

A Thiruvalla-based committee has been organising exhibition of this joint-free chain connecting all nations of the world in different parts of the country, spreading the message of world peace.

Johnson V. Idiculla, programme director of the exhibition committee, said the joint-free, manually made chain has already been included in the World Amazing Records.

Mr Idiculla said the committee was planning to organise exhibition of this unique chain, spreading the message of world peace, in all 195 countries across the globe in the months ahead.

He said an exhibition has been planned at YMCA hall in Delhi on September 20 and 21 and another one at Acharya Vinoba Bhave auditorium at Sevagram in Maharashtra on September 26.