AAP State unit apologises to nurses, says no justification for comment

The statement of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kumar Vishwas against nurses from Kerala is ‘brutal’ and against the spirit of gender equality, Kerala State Women’s Commission (KSWC) member Lissy Jose said here on Tuesday.

Only those who lacked a balanced state of mind could make such statements. It was a challenge to social solidarity and amity, she said.

The All-India Mahila Samskarika Sanghatana sought criminal proceedings against the AAP leader for showing nurses in poor light and ignoring their dedicated services. Nurses from the State were doing a commendable job, with meagre salaries, in the country, organisation president K.K. Shobha said.

The Indian Nurses’ Parents’ Association sought action against Mr. Vishwas and stated that he questioned the integrity of the thousands of nurses who had been working ‘extremely hard.’ “Most nurses from Kerala faced hardships as their salaries were low. The political parties which voice their protest against Mr. Vishwas should also make their stance clear on the issues faced by nurses,” association district secretary Mary Thomas said.

AAP’s apology

The AAP State committee on Tuesday apologised to nurses from Kerala for dragging them into an unnecessary controversy. The party held their services in great regard, AAP State convener Manoj Padmanabhan said here.

AAP’s State committee office was ransacked reportedly by Youth Congress activists on Monday. Responding to the Youth Congress’ allegations that some remarks made by Mr. Vishwas during a speech in Ranchi six years ago, uploaded on a social networking site recently, had a sexist undertone, Mr. Padmanabhan said the party would not endorse any sexist or racist comments from anyone.

Mr. Padmanabhan said Mr. Vishwas was a known satirist and he made the remarks in a television programme in 2008, much ahead of the floating of AAP. “But that would not be a justification for his comment,” he said.

Mr. Padmanabhan said the issue was brought before the national leadership of AAP and it permitted him to convey its message to nurses from Kerala.

Apology sought

The State unit had told the national leadership to summon Mr. Vishwas and ask him to tender an unconditional apology.

Asked about the attack on its office, Mr. Padmanabhan said it exposed the intolerance of the youth brigade to the growing influence of AAP on Kerala society.

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