The water level in the Mullaperiyar dam increased on Monday with a rise in rainfall. The water level recorded on Monday was 134.6 ft, nearing the capacity of 136 ft, when it will be released through the Periyar in the Idukki reservoir. The water level at the reservoir on Sunday was 134 ft.

Meanwhile, the water level in the Idukki reservoir was 2,377.18 and the rainfall recorded in the area was 9.6 mm, which results an increase of 0.3 ft of water inflow as compared to the previous day. The water level on the corresponding day in the reservoir last year was 2,358.44 ft.

A senior official at the Dam Monitoring Cell at Cheruthoni told The Hindu on Monday that the Idukki reservoir had a present water level of 70.98 per cent of its total capacity and even if there was an inflow of water released from the Mullaperiyar dam, it would be accommodated in the reservoir. The total production of electricity at the Moolamattom power plant, however, was at a low level owing to the repair work of the generators’ low level of power consumption during the monsoon season. He also said there was a fall in the rainfall recorded in the catchment area of Idukki on Monday. The preliminary data available till noon shows that there was a decline in the normal rainfall, he said. “However since the North-east monsoon started, the rain fall recorded in the catchment area will considerably change in the afternoon,” he said.

Meanwhile a meeting of the village officers, police, Fire and Rescue officials, representatives of the affected grama panchayat and Mullaperiyar Samara Samithy, which is spearheading the agitation for a new dam at Mullaperiyar, was held at the taluk office in Peerumade on Monday to take stock of the situation and preparations to be made in case more water is released from the Mullaperiyar dam. The proposals raised at the meeting will be submitted to the District Collector.

Meanwhile, officials made loud speaker announcements in Upputhara, Chappathu and Vandiperiyar grama panchayats alerting the people regarding the rise of the Mullaperiyar water level. A top official of the revenue department said that a control room will be opened when the water level reaches 135 ft. “The plan of action will be submitted to the District Collector and additional safety measures including installation of lamps and sirens in the affected areas will be taken,” he said.

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