The Sadhu Jana Vimochana Samyukta Vedi (SJVSV) president, Laha Gopalan, has alleged that Tuesday’s draw of lots held at Pathanamthitta Collectorate for allotting plots for 1495 landless families at Chengara was nothing short of a ``humbug’’.

Mr. Gopalan was talking to reporters after attending the draw of lots at the collectorate here on Tuesday.

He said there is no question of the Vedi workers vacating the Kumbazha Estate at Chengara without surveying the estate owned by Harrison Malayalam Limited and distributing the excess land there among the landless people who have been waging the land struggle since August, 2007.

Meanwhile, the Vedi workers have stopped the satyagraha before Mini Civil Station here on Tuesday afternoon.

Mr Gopalan. said the Chengara land struggle would continue and the Government’s package was not acceptable to the Vedi workers.

He said the landless families at Chengara should be given land in their respective home district itself.


Agitators at Kumbazha Esate get landMarch 30, 2010

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