Uthradom Tirunaal to inaugurate the ritualistic feast

The annual ritualistic feast, Vallasadya, at the centuries’ old Sree Parthasarathy Temple situated on the banks of river Pampa at Aranmula will begin on July 30.

Vallasadya is an important ritualistic offering of a sumptuous feast by the devotees to the presiding deity at the Aranmula temple during the annual Onam festival season organised by the Palliyoda Seva Sanghom (PSS) in association with the Travancore Devaswom Board, the temple administrative body. The feast is offered to the crew of Palliyodams (specially built snakeboats) taking them as representatives of Lord Parthasarathy.

Uthradom Tirunaal Marthanda Varma of the erstwhile Travancore royal dynasty will formally inaugurate the Vallasadya at the Aanakkottil of the Parthasarathy Temple immediately after the Utchapuja on July 30.

The snakeboat crew will reach the temple to accept the feast offered to them by a devotee. They will be accorded a customary reception at the temple ghats and will be escorted to the temple premises with the accompaniments of traditional percussion and Thalappoli.

The oarsmen will offer Nirapara (a measure of threshed paddy), tobacco and betel leaves before the golden temple mast and circumambulate the temple, singing Vanchippattu (songs in praise of Lord Krishna).

Sanghom president K. V. Sambadevan said the maximum number of Vallasadya to be offered too has been fixed at 15 on a daily basis with a view to avoid overcrowding. As many as 48 different items of side dishes, fried items, sweets and payasom will be served at this unique ritualistic feast.

Booking open

Sanghom president K. V. Sambadevan said devotees could book their Vallasadya vazhipadu (offering) at the PSS office infront of the Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula ( 9995866432, 9447408260)

Ashtami-Rohini Vallasadya

The annual mega mass feast, Aahtami-Rohini Valalsadya, will be held in connection with the Sri Krishna Janmashtami day on September 8. As many as 50,000 people, including the snakeboat crew are expected to take part in the annual event to be held immediately after the Utchapuja.

The season of Vallasadya will come to a close on October 2, said Mr Ratheesh R.Mohan, PSS secretary.