Thanks to the recent surge of rainfall, the Valanjamkanam waterfall situated near Kuttikanam along the Kollam-Theni national highway is in full glory.

The waterfall is familiar to those frequenting the route, leading to Kumily and Kattappana. Before the water disappears during the summer season, it offers a mesmerising view to the travellers for nearly ten months.

When it is in full stream, the mist hangs over the road, providing a freezing touch to the visitors. Almost all tourist buses bound for Thekkady makes a stop-over at Valanjamkanam for a few minutes.

It is the first major waterfall for a tourist proceeding to Thekkady from Mundakkayam, to be followed by a few less known waterfalls that become active only during the monsoon season. However, the Valanjamkanam waterfall is the only one that extends to a long season to disappear for one or two months.

Many visit the place during the evening to have a leisure time hanging around the green area. Vipin Das, a traveller says that whenever he drives through the route on his bike, he makes it a point to spend a couple of minutes before the waterfall. “Even when it is reduced to a thin fall, it provides a resonant mood to have a peaceful journey,” he said.

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