Sonia Gandhi says only Congress can ensure unity and equality

Congress president Sonia Gandhi has said that the communal agenda of the opponents of the UPA was a great threat to the unity and integrity of the country.

Addressing a packed crowd at a meeting at the Thekkinkadu maidan here on Monday, organised as part of the election campaign of the UDF candidates of Thrissur, Chalakudy and Alathur, K.P. Dhanapalan, P.C. Chacko and K.A. Sheeba respectively, Ms. Gandhi said the Congress was the only party, which could ensure unity and equality in the country.

“The opponents of the UPA are campaigning for a change. But I am asking them what change are they talking about? Do the people of the country want to give up the values which they have cherished for years for untested policies and false promises? Can people trust those who change their masks every time for their political gains? Can people trust the leaders who pretend to be moderate,” Ms Gandhi asked. “Let no one have any illusions about their intentions and priorities. The election manifesto released by the Opposition revealed their real intentions.”

“Our opponents have been accusing the UPA of corruption. But I want to say that the UPA government has taken corrective measures against all the corruption charges brought into its notice. I am challenging the opponents to initiate such measures in the States which they rule,” Ms. Gandhi said.

The coming elections were very significant as it would determine what kind of India we needed in the future.

“We want a united India which celebrates diversity. But what the Opposition wants is uniformity. Opponents of the UPA seek to divide India in the name of religion and colour. If UPA ideology unites people, the opponents’ split the country. If we want an India in which democratic institutions are strong, our opponents want to weaken them. The Opposition wants a one-man rule. They divide people through hatred,” she said.

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