The unique friendship story of Chellamma Antharjanam and P. Raziya Beevi is to be retold on celluloid by producer-director Babu Tiruvalla.

Chellamma, now aged over 70, was rescued from a suicide attempt by Raziya Beevi, a panchayat member from ward six of Ambalapuzha North, on January 25, 2000.

From then on, Chellamma has been a mother to Raziya Beevi, who overcame stiff opposition to build Chellamma a house of her own and to look after her.

Chellamma, married quite late, widowed not much later, scorned and driven away by relatives, had decided to end her life and was walking along the railway tracks towards an approaching train when Raziya Beevi saw her.

Chellamma was taken to Raziya Beevi's home, where her husband and four sons welcomed Chellamma.

Raziya Beevi later made use of a panchayat scheme to start work on a house for Chellamma, since her own house was too small. When funds became an issue, the determined panchayat member opened her own purse and went ahead with the construction, undeterred by the stiff opposition from various quarters, many of which objected to her “helping a Hindu woman”.

The two are still the best of friends with Raziya Beevi visiting Chellamma every day, taking care of her needs.

The story reached the ears of Babu Thiruvalla, producer and director of films including ‘Thaniye' and ‘Amaram'.

He is now writing a script for a movie, which will have Kalpana donning the role of Raziya Beevi and veteran actor Subbulakshmi, that of Chellamma.

Shooting in December

Shooting of the movie is scheduled to begin in December, the director said, adding that he aimed to send a strong message on secular values to the society. .

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