Tamil Nadu maintained full reservoir level at the Kerala Sholayar dam on Tuesday in compliance with the terms of the Parambikulam Aliyar Project agreement.

The Chief Engineer (Inter-State River Waters) of the Kerala Irrigation Department confirmed this in an official release here. The full reservoir level Kerala Sholayar is 2663 feet above the sea level.

As per agreement signed between Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Tamil Nadu is required to maintain full reservoir level of Kerala Sholayar reservoir on September 1 and February 1 every year. Kerala had complained that Tamil Nadu had often failed to maintain the required reservoir level and had thus breached the agreement.

Talks are going on between the two states for the past two decades for the review of the agreement which was signed in 1970 with retrospective effect from 1958. The agreement covers use of the waters of Anamalayar, Nirar, Sholayar, Parambikulam, Palar and Aliyar and the streams flowing into them for generation of hydro electric power, irrigation, drinking water supply and industrial and other purposes by the two States.