Kerala president of the Socialist Janata (Democratic), M.P. Veerendrakumar, has said that the BJP and the CPI(M) are cultivating both an overt and covert relationship with each other in the State.

Inaugurating the Kollam parliament constituency convention of his party here on Wednesday, Mr. Veerendrakumar said that though the CPI(M) tries to spread the impression that it is against caste politics, in reality that party spreads communalism, he alleged.

In fact these days the CPI(M) is often heard echoing the “Christian rule and Muslim appeasement” charges of the BJP. Though the Left parties are trying to create some electoral alliances that appear to be aimed at preventing Narendra Modi from coming to power, in reality such alliances will only help Mr. Modi, he said.

The CPI(M) which has a past tradition of fighting for the causes of the have-nots is today engaged in fighting for the causes of the corporate houses. Mr. Veerendrakumar said that in the history of the State it is the first time that a Chief Minister was attacked by throwing stones.

Even during the liberation struggle phase the Chief Minister and other ministers were never prevented from travelling in the State, he said.

“Had the stone been thrown against the State secretary of the CPI(M) imagine the terror that would have been unleashed in the State,” he asked

Had the people of the country viewed things through the eye of Mr. Modi, the country would have disintegrated long back, he said. India does not belong to any one particular community.

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