This helmet has antidotes to bravado and Dutch courage. However hard might a rider without the helmet try to kick-start a customised motorbike, the engine stays still. And get on the saddle wearing it but drunk, again the engine goes dud. The device is the invention of T.S. Aswin, C.R. Vishal, Vysakh Menon, Sushina Suresh and Anoopkumar, Mechanical Engineering students of Vidya Engineering College, Kecheri, Thrissur.

“There is an alarming increase in the number of accidents involving two-wheelers. Failure in wearing helmets leads to most of the deaths. Drunken driving is another major reason for accidents. These facts encouraged us to develop such a helmet,” Aswin said.

Two switches — one on the strap and another underneath the top shell — decide if a person can be allowed to ride the motorbike. They get to “on” position when the rider wears the helmet and locks its strap. But if the sensor detects alcohol, a wireless transmitter sends a signal to the receiver on the motorbike and interferes with the starting circuit. Thus the helmet prevents helmet-less and drunk driving. As a bonus, the device prevents the theft of the vehicle as the helmet is needed to start it.

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