Three-year-old Jagan took a good look at the guests and ran to position himself beside his grandfather who arrived on a wheelchair to meet them. Perhaps, the little one knew he had to welcome Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and his family on his grandfather’s behalf, who could only manage a smile.

Jagathy Sreekumar smiled on seeing Mr. Chandy, who held the actor’s hand wishing him speedy recovery.

The veteran actor has been undergoing treatment for over a year now after he was injured in a road accident in Malappuram last year.

Mr Chandy, his wife, Mariamma Oommen, and his son, Chandy Oommen, met the actor at his son’s residence at Peyad in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday.

Though Jagan looked impatient with the intermittent flashlights from the cameras, the thespian searchingly gazed at them, perhaps recollecting his days of acting. But this time, the camera caught none of those facial expressions that usually evoked laughter, but only an intent gaze from the actor.

“You can talk , you have the voice. Why don’t you ask the Chief Minister how he is doing,” his wife Shobha Sreekumar asked the actor.

“He usually speaks two or three words and has been showing great improvement. Though he has not started walking, doctors said he was recovering fast,” Ms. Sreekumar told Mr. Chandy.

Explaining how she had faced a similar situation after she had a stroke a few year ago, Ms. Chandy consoled Jagathy and said he would gradually recover his speech . She also suggested that they try acupressure healing methods.

Ms. Sreekumar later told the media that currently the actor was undergoing Ayurveda treatment and doctors from the Christian Medical College, Vellore, visited him regularly to check on his health condition.

Asked about seeking financial assistance from the government, she said at present the family was capable of meeting the medical expenses.

“Ambili chettan (Mr. Jagathy) doesn’t like to seek help. The government has offered to help if we need any further assistance,” she added.

“They said they were praying for your recovery,’’ said the actor’s wife to her husband, who answered her with a blink, when the group rose to leave. Seconds later, he slightly raised his left palm from the wheelchair as if to say goodbye or perhaps, it was his way of letting his eager fans know that he would be back soon.

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