Project ten –ten (10/10) is being launched on Sunday by “Students in Palliative Care”, an organization of students engaged in providing palliative care to the chronically ill. About 300 students along with the patients will fly balloons announcing the launch of the project at “Sree” open air theatre at Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM) near Kozhikode government medical college hospital.

10/10 is a mass movement by students to support palliative care services operating within Kozhikode city with the participation of student –volunteers, a spokesman for the project said. These volunteers will spend 10 minutes per day for patient care or homecare or for rehabilitation activities and for creating awareness. They are also free to spend one hour per week instead of 10 minutes per day and raise Rs10 for palliative care per day. If successfully implemented this will ensure the active involvement of student community in palliative care.

”Students in palliative care” is an organised strong workforce of students from various campuses in Kozhikode city . Its activities are monitored by mentors with known leadership qualities and experience. It is an initiative modeled on Neighborhood Network in Palliative Care (NNPC), a community - owned project now implemented in many districts to address the problems faced by the chronically ill and the bedridden.

The organisation seeks to organise adequate and affordable support programs for the bedridden, the incurably ill and the dying and to ensure the involvement of students in patient care and rehabilitation programmes by mobilising local community, volunteers, material and financial resources.

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